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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Laugh Your Head Off

The title above is of course for want of a better title, it is also of course not at all original but I don't know who to ascribe its ownership to. I don't know really why I am starting with what has little or nothing to do with my reason for writing this, which is to share with people who love to have very good laughs like I do, a crazy website (or perhaps not, maybe it's just the owner of the website that's crazy) that I stumbled upon just this morning. There are plenty of articles on the website to keep a bored individual busy and rolling in laughter for at least a week.

I had to share this website owned by a David Thorne (his surname is very apt because most times, he's actually more of a thorn to others by the way he reacts to them and you'll be sure to find this out if you take the time to visit the site and the articles).

The website address is www.27bslash6.com. You are sure to have a rib-cracking time visiting the site!

Hey, the picture here is not mine but the logo of the site so don't go thinking I'm dissing you or something!