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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To My Old Master

To My Old Master
Anyone who loves to read half as much as I do, will find this letter a winner. Not particularly for the especially beautiful use of words, but more for the feelings expressed, the subtle (?) innuendos, and as a person of colour (I much prefer that to blacks, because the last time I checked, which was exactly one second ago, as dark as I am, my complexion is much closer to chocolate [probably a reason for my great love for chocolates], than to blacks),it evokes an idea (for what want of a more appropriate word) of what our forebears went through at the hands of their slave masters who treated them no better than they treated their beasts of burden.

Of course, my choice of the beasts of burden is deliberate because If I had said "animals" those would have included cats and dogs that most probably received much better treatment at the hands of these men than the human coloured slaves.

Do me a favour will you, just click on the link above and enjoy the letter and indeed other letters on that website. I am sure you'll enjoy it and say a silent word of thanks to me like I did to the person who posted the link of facebook.