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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I, and I’m sure thousands of other Nigerians who knew Goldie were sure at the revelation after her death that she was married and had been since 2005! The name Harvey, which most of us thought was her family name, it emerged, was in fact her marital name. Her husband, Andrew Harvey has since circulated pictures of their wedding probably to further convince all that there was indeed a wedding and a marriage.

The news of Goldie’s marriage was all the more surprising because of Prezzo, her former Big Brother Africa housemate’s proposal of marriage to her. These revelations, may of course have no bearing whatever on Goldie as a hardworking and homely(?) person but they do raise a lot of questions on whether anybody really knew the real Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey.
While her desire to probably keep her private life out of public scrutiny is of course, the total secrecy or at best confusion surrounding her marital status is probably the entertainment industry’s best kept secret. I had in fact earlier written that she would have, had she lived made a good wife to some lucky man, now Andrew Harvey who was she was married to for about eight years before her demise will be the best person to answer if she was.