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Monday, March 8, 2010

New Naija Words

Stumbled on this and couldn't resist putting it here!

Aondoakaa (noun): a muguloid from a family of goats known as mumucoideae, also related to a breed of monkeys of the order didirincoideaeĆ¢ e.g. (1) You are a chronic aondoakaa (2) An aondoakaa at 40 is an aondoakaa forever!

Yar'Adua (noun): a person who abandons his people and is silent for a long period of time e.g. (1) My girlfriend’s gone yar'adua on me again (2) Why the yar'adua, is everything okay? (3) Yar'Adua is the best answer for a fool.

Turai (adjective): Very greedy e.g. (1) that babe is too turai for my liking. (2) Why are you eating like a turai person?

SOURCE: Anonymous.