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Monday, March 22, 2010

What's Your Poison?

I am a lady of the time
I understand how to flow with the hype
Oh yes, to be a part of my group
You have to conform or you'll be out of the loop
Oh, my sense may travel
And my person completely unravel
under the influence of my poison
But I have got to take my poison!
Now you want to join my group
But I have to ask before you're allowed in the room
What's your poison
That's your audition
I love my bottles green and brown
I down the content whether I'm up or down
What? Did I hear you say you drink coke?
Too much sugar you think you can cope?
Though I may be a lass
I can hold my own with the lads
Even if I kill my organs in instalments
Surely it's not a concern of the government
And I'm sure it's not a crime
To dance in steps with the tune of the time
I only have to drink to my death responsibly
So choose one girlfriend, and let's die merrily
- Adenike Abimbola Oyalowo
(c) March 2010