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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I heard a joke today on my way to court and I feel it will be criminal for me not to share it with y'all. The joke was about a girl who was meeting her boyfriend's family for the first time. The girl was nervous, not sure exactly how to behave in front of her potential parents-in-law. To make matters worse for this girl, she started having the kind of discomfort can sometimes be brought on by eating too rich food that sometimes do not agree with the system. And so it was that the girl (Jane) let out (inadvertently), a faint sounding fart. The boyfriend's father after the fart looked towards their dog under the dining table and shouted "Owhiesky". Jane heard this and smiled in relief and so when nature came calling the second time, she did not bother to muffle the sound and the boyfriend's father again looked towards the dog and shouted "Owhiesky". Jane again did not bother to hide or muffle the sound of yet a third fart when it beckoned, and this time, the boyfriend's father shouted 'OWHIESKY, WILL YOU GET AWAY FROM THERE BEFORE THAT GIRL MISTAKENLY DEFECATES ON YOU?'

I couldn't resist bursting into loud laughter when I heard that joke this morning, and it reminded me of a quote by Robert Bloch which goes:

A man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone else to blame.
Surely, Jane would not have comfortably continue letting out fart after farts if she did not think the poor innocent girl nestling under feet was a convenient fall guy, well, fall dog if you like.