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Monday, August 9, 2010


HE created everything
I know HE sees all things
All HE asks of me is that I submit totally,
so HE can give me all that I desire to live happily
But oh no, I am sure He asks too much of me,
How on earth should I be expected to just leave things be
When I can contribute to my own paintings?
Oh no, I’ve got to help myself I can’t just do nothing!
I know, I know, I am expected to surrender
While HE takes charge and make my life a wonder
Being me, I couldn’t help but fight HIM every step of the way
Wondering how HE could be so slow and expect me to wait
HE has fought my battles I realise, with the benefit of hindsight
I know HE has foresight, hindsight and all sights
I just wish HE would not expect so much of me!
Expecting me to submit totally is such a heavy burden!

√ďAdenike Abimbola Oyalowo