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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Looking through my friends'pictures on Facebook and seeing all the fun most of them seem to be having, I couldn't help but think: Oh, Nike u've surely had the most boring of life! Boring, BORING, BOOORRRRIIIINNNGGG!!!!!
I felt that almost without a doubt, I've led the most uneventful and boring life a young human can live!

Some days and self-examination later (during which time I vowed to go to the cinemas daily,try some mountain climbing, hunting, take a break from work and go to a far and exotic place, do whatever else translate into eventful and interesting living), I asked myself, what really does it mean to have an eventful life?

Sure, an eventful life could mean doing all those things I vowed to do but may not really get around to doing, but looked at from another angle,I had to (psyche) myself, so I've not had an eventful life,I've enjoyed reasonably good health, things have been stable in my life except for the accident I had on the 2nd day of 2009; I guess I should go ask some people who have led really eventful lives how well they've been enjoying their lives... People like terrorist for instance!

While I believe I should seriously liven up my life, I think it will do well to perhaps remind myself of God's favours and mercies and learn to give thanks for the gift of life and good health. The Chinese after all have a curse: MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES!