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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I did it again!

I have two immediate problems as it concerns my blogging folks, I don't know if anybody can come to my rescue, I seem to be suffering from two diseases; intellelazigintis and longstorigintis!

While the first disease is one I've been aware of for some time, I'm almost shocked at the second disease! Ok, ok I know I need to break down what each of those diseases really are. Intellelazigintis, as you good and intelligent folks might have guessed by now, is a condition of being intellectually lazy and not doing enough to challenge one's intellect. It's partly the reason why I had to start this blog. No doubt, having a blog has helped me, indeed, forced me to sometimes challenge my intellect and put something on paper (or is it computer?), but my good people, I'm very much aware that this intellectual laziness of mine persists even as I force myself to type out these words and report myself to yáll. .

Now while the first disease is one which I'd been aware of and had to start this blog to see if I could thereby cure, the second disease is one which this blog has exposed to me and you can bet I'm not finding it funny at all! Longstorigintis my good people is a condition which makes it almost imossible for a person to be able to write a brief story or aticle. I would never in a million years have thought myself capable of contracting this disease if not this blog and the notes I was writing on FB.

I had always prided myself on being a master at brevity in writing. One year in my first university, six years in UI and another year at the Law school during which periods I never once exhausted my answer booklet convinced me that I could not write a long story if my life depended on it. Boy!, how wrong can a person be! Since writing on my blog and the notes ob FB, i'm yet to succeed at writing a short article. I have tried and I have been failing! I will however refuse to give up, because only if I do will I have truly failed. I shall succeed yet! You just watch folks.

OMG! I just did it again!