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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Best Friend: 16 years today

16th day of June 1994 was supposed to have been a reasonably happy day for me- it was my matriculation day at the first university I attended before I eventually found my way to the premier university in Nigeria. Indeed, the day started fairly happily enough, I had no inkling at all that the day would end with me almost drowning in a river of my own tears.

My mum came for my matriculation with the news that I had to follow her and my aunt that came with her back to Lagos as my dad's illness had taken a turn for the worse. Even at that time, it did not occur to me that my dad would have given up before we got to Lagos or that it was time yet for him to die.

I had always prided myself as being one tough gal, at those times with little to do and with the mind free to roam about, I had always asked my self what my reaction would be if one of my parents were to die and I had always assured myself each time that tears would not be part of the whatever feeling might overcome me.

As it happened, I couldnt have been more wrong! I was incnosolable, I tried but failed woefully to stop the tears from flowing (torrentially too!). And for the following two months or so, I could not tell anybody about my father's death without opening another flood gate of tears that stubbornly refused to stop!

Today the 16th June 2010 marks the 16th anniversary of one man I loved dearly, a man who truly left crystal clear imprint in the lives of his children and those he came across. He had his faults like all normal humans sure, but 16 yrs on, I remind myself now more than ever when it's so easy to fall by the wayside and join the bandwagon of a society fast losing its values, that I have to remember that I am my father's daughter and should not be (whether caught or not) doing things just because it's the vogue or it's what people do, knowing very well that a purported short cut usually end up lengthening the journey even more.

I sorely miss you daddy! I pray that God almighty grants you eternal rest and forgive all your sins. sleep well daddy, I promise I will try my best to not do things that will bring disappointment to you.